About Us

About Us

Who the heck is Apco Air Duct Cleaning, and why should we select them to handle our indoor air quality needs?

APCO Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. is a division of a service company that has been in continuous operation under the same ownership for over 30 years in the Metro Phoenix area. We also service commercial property state wide.

Since 1992 we have specialized in air duct cleaning for commercial and residential structures. We have done thousands of residential homes as well as a majority of the large commercial air duct cleaning jobs that have been done in the Phoenix, Tucson and Northern Arizona area. Our customer list includes many names that you will be familiar with. Please make sure to review our reference page.

APCO Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. has the latest in high tech equipment so that we are able to clean every type of structure from a high-rise apartment or office building to health facilities such as the Mayo hospital. The same type of *HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered equipment that we use in hospitals is also used in all residential and other commercial type buildings. Our men are all fully trained and employed on a full-time basis by our company. They have undergone security clearances that allow them to work in highly sensitive areas for the state of Arizona such as the Florence prison facility, the Department of Public Safety, the Arizona State lottery offices, and the Arizona State hospital. We have also done work for the federal government, such as the V.A. hospital and HUD housing projects. The reason that we continue to get this type of work is our ability to do the job correctly at a competitive price. We welcome an opportunity to be able to serve you and will furnish you references upon request.

We want to caution you about the low cost coupons that you receive in the mail advertising Air Duct Cleaning.

Just Remember - "If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Is!"
Don't Be Misled

Ron Bowling
President APCO Air Duct Cleaning Inc.


APCO Air Duct Cleaning, Inc. 602-957-9590

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