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We are not competition! We do not do repairs or service. We are not in the A/C business. We work for You! The services we can offer to you and your company include:

Air Duct Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Video Duct Inspections

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our years of experience, coupled with the latest in high-tech HEPA filtration equipment, enables us to safely and effectively clean any type of air handling systems in all types of structures, even medical facilities. We also have the capabilities of performing video inspections of all types of duct work through the use of our High Resolution Viper II Duct Eye Camera. Video inspections are sometimes required on government and health related projects, and can be used to find blockages in the ductwork system.

Air duct cleaning is now being specified on many new construction projects and your estimating department should be aware of this so that the cost can be added in your bids. Our list of commercial customers is quite extensive as you will see on the following page. We look forward to being of service to your company in any way that we can. Please don't hesitate to call for any type of information that you might require.

How The Services We Offer Can Be Of Help To You And Your Customer

1. We do high quality commercial and residential air duct cleaning (see our reference list of clients). we have many different types of equipment and procedures and are able to clean any type of systems from high rise buildings to mobile homes.

2. We do DRYER VENT cleaning; Commercial and residential. This is a service that most customers are unaware of how important it can be.

3. We can provide you with complete Video Duct Inspections with our advanced High Resolution Infrared Camera. With this camera, we are able to send back clear sharp pictures from total darkness inside the ductwork. This makes finding a blockage, separation or just checking the condition of the ductwork a simple procedure.

Air Conditioning

4. We will notify you of anything that we would find wrong on the job, a needed repair or a maintenance Item or service.

5. By utilizing our service you can in fact protect your most valuable asset, YOUR CUSTOMER from contacting another company for duct cleaning who may in fact also be in the repair business.

6. We can help increase your SALES, by offering the Air Duct Cleaning with the purchase of a new unit it can sometimes make the difference in getting the Sale.

7. We can make your job a little easier, a clean air duct system will allow the A/C unit to perform better and cut down on a lot of unnecessary calls.

8. We can do complete Air Testing in the home should the need arise

Our company has been in business for 30 years in Phoenix, and we look forward to being of service and help to you in any way we can.


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