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APCO IAQ is a division of our service company that has been in continuous operation under the same ownership for over 30 years in the in the state of Arizona. We have been involved in the Indoor Air Quality Control since 1990 and are members of the American Indoor Air Quality Council and have a "Professor of Microbiology on Staff" as a consultant.

Apco was a pioneer in the Air Duct Cleaning field and has achieved a unsurpassed reputation for its knowledge and abilities in this Industry.

Our customer list is a "Who's Who" in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona. Please make sure to view our reference list. We have been recognized by the media as being a "Expert Company" in this field.

During the past few years, we have devoted ourselves to gaining all the knowledge and facts about the health problems that can be caused in homes and businesses due to mold, dust, and other hidden defects. This led us to believe that having testing done on your home or business was a very important and necessary service that is needed more now than ever before.

We have unsurpassed 'STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT' including devices that will allow us to give you results in a matter of minutes or hours, not days. We also have the most advanced *Thermo- Imaging* camera equipment available to the industry which allows us to do non-invasive testing on your walls etc.

Types of Testing Offered by APCO IAQ

1. Air Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
Apco uses only the highest quality AIR-O-Cell cassettes specifically designed for the rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including MOLD spores, POLLEN, Insect Parts, Fibers (including Fiber Glass, Asbestos, Cellulose, Ceramic, etc.). The AIR-O-CELL also collects inorganic particulates and provides a much broader overview of potential allergenic contaminants than most conventional sampling techniques.

2.Swab, Tape Lift, and Bulk Analysis
These tests can be very helpful to determine the presence of mold in various locations including Air Conditioner units and Evaporative Coolers and other areas in the structure.

3.DNA Quantitative Mold Test
We have been identified by the EPA as being able to probe the DNA of mold collected from dust with a 99% accuracy to detect which species of mold are present and how many spores of each species are contaminating the indoor environment. This represents a major break-through in mold identification for indoor testing for structures that could infested with harmful Group (1) molds that can cause severe respiratory problems.

4.Particle Contamination Test
Using the latest technology, we are able to test for a cumulative concentration particle count in your building down to a 0.3um sensitivity.

5.Moisture Detection
We use specialized equipment to detect moisture in hidden areas, walls, etc., without doing damage to the surface.

*We also have the latest THERMAL IMAGER INFRARED CAMERA.

With this instrument, we are able to inspect, detect, and photograph moisture inside walls, floors, and other building materials that could promote the growth of mold and other pollutants that are harmful to your health.

About Us

Mold Alert Don't Be Mislead
APCO has been involved with hundreds of mold issues in homes and businesses throughout the state of Arizona. We have attended many industry seminars on the testing and treatment for mold over the last decade, and we are a member of The American Indoor Air Quality Council. In all our years of field experience, we have never encountered anyone or any company that could make a determination of the extent of mold & toxicity and what type of treatment that would be required in the home without some type of testing being done.

Air samples and medium samples would need to be collected and sent to a certified laboratory to first determine the extent of the mold and then to make a determination as to what type of treatment and what type of chemicals would need to be used. Without this type of documentation, any treatment done could be worthless, and the people living in the home could still be exposed to mold if it was present in areas not treated properly.

Recently we have encountered some situations where companies have used the "MOLD SCARE TACTICS" in order to secure jobs and charge the customer large amounts of money without doing anything beneficial at all. Channel 5 KPHO recently ran a investigative story and exposed a number of companies that have been engaging in this type of business by offering low prices to get in your home. then telling you that you need a expensive treatment which amounts to no solution if there is a real mold issue. We are proud that APCO AIR DUCT CLEANING was selected by Channel 5 to act as their Expert company for all evaluations concerning the exposure of these fraudulent companies. We feel that anything related to the severe presence of mold should be tested since it could in some cases cause serious health problems for the occupants of the home. If you feel that you have been mislead, or lied to, contact the Attorney GeneralŐs Office Consumer Fraud Division and report what you were told by the company's representative.

APCO offers you 30 Years Experience & Knowledge, Hi TECH EQUIPMENT, and AFFORDABLE PRICING! For Residential and Commercial Testing If the need should arise

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